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AlternaTIFF toolbar customization

Starting with version 1.5.1, administrators can customize the toolbar by deleting or rearranging buttons. This is done by creating a string value in the Windows registry at HKLM\Software\MIE\AlternaTIFF\toolbaritems or HKCU\Software\MIE\AlternaTIFF\toolbaritems. (If both values exist, the one from HKCU (HKEY_CURRENT_USER) will be used.) The registry value can be set manually, or by using a configuration file.

The toolbar can also be defined by the web page, using the toolbaritems parameter (v1.5.2+).

Each available button has a designated two-letter identifier (listed below). To define a toolbar configuration, list the buttons you want to be available, from left to right, separated by commas. Do not use any spaces. To leave a small space between buttons, use an underscore ("_") as the identifier.

The available buttons are listed below. The shaded items do not appear in the default toolbar.

For example, the default toolbar would be defined as follows:


Here's a definition for a fully-populated toolbar:


Additionally, version 1.5.2+ supports some special toolbar names, which begin with periods. Note that these special names are not button names, and cannot be combined with other buttons.

QP"Quick print" to default printer, with no confirmation. (v1.5.2+)
OFOpen local file
SASave to disk
CCCopy to clipboard
SESend Image (as email attachment). (v1.5.2+)
ZOZooming mode
PAPanning mode
BFBest fit
FWFit to window width
FHFit to window height
FSFixed size. (Normally used with SS.)
SSSelect fixed size. (Normally used with FS.)
O4Select rotated-left orientation
O1Select normal orientation
O2Select rotated-right orientation
O3Select upside down orientation
O6Rotate 90 degrees left from current orientation
O5Rotate 90 degrees right from current orientation
O7Rotate 180 degrees from current orientation (v1.9.2+)
SMSmooth image
NENegative image
PGSelect page
PPPrevious page
NPNext page